Experimental Film | 39 Minutes | HD | Sibiria/ Russia | 2019
German & Russian w/ English subtitles.

In „No Ghosts He Called,“ someone goes to Siberia for a necromancy. However, the incantation is not quite according to plan, evidently he has called the wrong spirit and so a lot of strange events unfold until even the director appears in the film itself. The question of whether the actor, the character or the whole movie itself has been enchanted thereby triggers further, curious associations.

Cast: Werner Eng | Evy Schubert
Special Appearance: Nadeshda Kalashnikowa | Ira Iutina | Viktor Ilieff | Margarita Breitkreiz 
Written / Directed/ Photographed by: Evy Schubert 
Edited by: Evy Schubert | Laia Prat
Music: Micha Kaplan

Festival Screenings:
– 5th Diametrale Film Festival, Innsbruck, Austria
– 7th Vkratze – Fest, Days of German and Russian Short Films, Volgograd Russia
– 18th International Kansk Film Festival, Special Programm, Russia
– 5th Filmfest Bremen, Official Selection, Germany | Nominated for the Prize of Innovation as well as nomination for the Prize of Humor/ Satire
– 2nd Undo Divergent Film Awards, Official Selection, Boston, USA | Nominated for the Best Dark Comedy Feature
– 5th Chhatrapati  Shivaji International Film Festival, Official Selection, Pune, India.
– 3rd Chambal International Film Festival, Chambal, India.