A film by Evy Schubert
Short Film, HD, Cinemascope, 17 Min, Berlin, 2016.

Cast: Matthias Buss, Wilhelm Eilers, Werner Eng, Bastian Reiber, Sabine Waibel.

DOP: Sebastian Klatt
Editing: Laia Prat, Evy Schubert
Compositing: Laia Prat
Music: Ensemble Concerto Antico,conducted by Viktor Ilieff
Sound design: Dirk Mielenhausen, Alexander Schubert
Color grading: André Froelian

DOMINUS DIXIT is a surreal and fantastic portrait of five people and a fluffy toy that all happen
to take part in the same service in a church, that goes all but the traditional religious way and
culminates in an unforeseen resurrection.

Commissioned by Motorenhalle riesa efau, Dresden, for the exhibition “Gestatten Kästner”,
curated by Frank Eckhardt and Sandra Mühlenberend, 10. March 2016 – 10. July 2016.