Switzerland 2023; o.v. Italian; 6 episodes; 45′ each

A TV series directed by Erik Bernasconi and Robert Ralston

Cast: Gian Marco Tognazzi, Matteo Martari, Maria Anolfo, Anna Pieri Zürcher, Luca di Giovanni, Roberto Citran, Caterina Shulha, Antonio Zavatteri, Leonardo Lidi, Paola Buratto, Marcos Piacentini, Filippo Dini, Igor Horvat, Bruno Todeschini, Andrea Zogg, Giorgia Wurth, Roberta Fossile, Margherita Coldesina, Tatiana Winteler, Jasmin Mattei, Yari Copt, Kety Fusco.

Production: Amka Films Productions // RSI
Cinematography: Pietro Zürcher
Editing: Katja Dringenberg, Laia Prat, Samir Samperisi
Music: Zeno Gabaglio, Marcel Vaid

During the traditional Carnival celebrations, the dead body of a young girl is found near the small town of Bellinzona, in Southern Switzerland. The officers engaged in the investigation find themselves investigating crimes rooted in a past full of shadows. Under scrutiny will be not only the crimes that bloodstain the town, but also the soul of a community that believes it has nothing to hide.

Episodes 2 and 5.