Germany –  90 MIN 
Spanish, German

Venezuela – mi amor is a documentary about the Venezuelan artist, Miguel von Dangel. He was born in Bayreuth (1946) and lives in Petare, a slum on the edge of Caracas. Dangel’s parents were European immigrants. He is an acerbic critic of Chavism, reformed alcoholic, animal-lover, ironist and an award-winning artist. His everyday life, personality, Christian faith and life-story emerge when Salomé, his only daughter who emigrated to Germany, visits him. Friends of the artist, like the legendary art critic Perán Erminy who recently died and the journalist Eddy Reyes, tell what it means to live in a would-be democracy. The film reflects the political, economical and social downfall of Venezuela.

Director: Martin Meggle
Editor: Laia Prat

!!! World premiere 22nd Feb 2019

Docfeed Festival Eindhoven