A film by Wim Wenders
Neue Road Movies (Berlin), Alfama Films (Paris)

!!! World Premiere on 1st September at the 73rd VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL







Cast: Reda Kateb, Sophie Semin, Jens Harzer und Nick Cave

Script: based on the play by Peter Handke
Production: Neue Road Movies, Alfama Films
Director of Photography: Benoît Debie
Director of Stereography: Joséphine Derobe
Editor: Beatrice Babin
Assistant editor: Laia Prat

A beautiful summer´s day. A garden. A terrace. A woman and a man sit at a table beneath the trees. A conversation unfolds about sexual experiences, childhood memories, the essence of summer and the differences between men and women. It illustrates both, feminine perspective and masculine perception.
With THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ, Wim Wenders stages the play by his longtime friend Austrian author Peter Handke.
Sophie Semin and Reda Kateb lead in this moving „Summer dialogue“. Jens Harzer plays the Writer and Nick Cave appears as himself.