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Extreme Number

















A young refugee from Chechnya comes to Germany and is thrown into prison in Berlin. He falls in love with a girl who translates for him, and enlists her help for him to flee. He then joins a terrorist group in Berlin that gives him the order to attack the Russian embassy while the rest of the gang goes after the U.S. embassy. Authentic war documentation is embedded in the film as the Chechen protagonist’s flashbacks. This is real coverage of war, shot by a Chechen rebel 1996 – 2000 in Chechnya. Real and fictional levels of the story blend together as a whole.

Crew & Cast:
Director: Irina Arms
Cast: Jan Amazigh Sid, Lidia Krebs, Bernhard Schütz, 
Oleg Masaev, Paul Milmeister
Camera: Sven Jakob-Engelmann
Editors: Marta Malowanczyk, Laia Prat



A film by Oswaldo Diaz Medina
Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)

!!! Worldpremiere at the 45. LUBUSKIE LATO FILMOWE 2016







Cinematographer: Paul Rohlfs
Producer: Tara Biere
Editor: Laia Prat

Kenny (31) arrived from Sri Lanka, having come to Germany to further his career as a musician. He rents a spare room from Rola. Rola (80) lives alone on the outskirts of Berlin, where she sometimes needs to protect herself by carrying a gun. In living together these two different individuals find that life is not merely dependent on personal security, instead discovering the possibility that our dreams may define our true reality.